Challenge Details:

  1. Scarlet will not be taking a break between games. Except for Wednesdays. Wednesdays she will always take off. She will only take a break (a day or two) when the series is complete. So Basically:
    • Game 1 → Game 2 → Game 3
    • (BREAK)
    • Game 1 → Game 2 → Game 3 → Game 4
    • (BREAK)
  2. When it comes to the longer series such as Final Fantasy/Legend of Zelda she might take a break after every 2 games considering the average length of each FF/Zelda game mid series.
  3. If a series has an MMO interjected in it Scarlet will not be playing the MMO. So Elder Scrolls, or FF11/14 won’t be played, as an example.
  4. There is a “Token” System.
    • 1 token is earned per game completed without token usage.
    • If Scarlet completes a series without any token usage at all she gains extra tokens based on how long the series was. (So Mass Effect would award 3 extra tokens.)
    • There is a token cap: 14. (2 weeks worth.)
    • A token can be redeemed at any time.
    • Tokens are ideally used for impromptu breaks*, emergencies, collabs, and temporary game switches to prevent burn-out or stagnancy.
    • Family Emergencies and Health Emergencies* do not require a token.
  5. Conventions are a free break pass as they are crucial to being a caster (Networking/Sponsorships/Media Coverage). (PAX/TwitchCon etc.)
  6. Scarlet must cast a minimum of 6 hours per cast until the series is finished. Going over is allowed, unless it disrupts the following day’s schedule.
  7. Most of the games Scarlet will be playing through will be a BLIND playthrough. She’s only played through a handful of these games.
  8. For this challenge a Series is constituted as 2 or more. There must be more than 2 games in the same franchise to qualify.
  9. DLC is optional and may vary from game to game. (Example: Oblivion has a ton of DLC that may stunt the time for challenge progression.)
  10. This isn’t meant to be 100% rushed. This isn’t a time based challenge. However there will be mini-challenges/achievements Scarlet will attempt to complete:
    • Finish 5 Games in a row without the use of a Token (Award 1 extra Token)
    • Finish 2 series playthroughs without the use of a Token (Award 3 extra Tokens)
    • Be on time to every stream in a 2 week period. (Award 1 extra Token)
    • Do 3, 12 hour casts in a row without being late to the next cast. (Award 1 extra Token)
    • Get on the front page of Twitch during the challenge (Award 1 Extra Token)
    • Get tweeted out by Twitch during the challenge (Award 1 Extra Token)
    • Get the Partner Spotlight on Twitch (Award 1 Extra Token)
    • Finish Legend of Zelda & Final Fantasy Series before the anniversary of the challenge (Award 14 Extra Tokens)
    • Get 100, 250, 500, etc. Subs during the challenge. (Award 1 Extra Token Per Milestone)
    • Get to 100,000 Followers (Award 1 extra Token)
  11. Bonus rounds are token awarding rounds only, tokens cannot be lost for not completing a bonus round

Summary: Scarlet will try to complete as many game series as possible in a year’s time. Game Rounds will Have about 10 per. Bonus Holiday (like October) rounds will vary.

Any questions about this challenge can be directed to twitter using the hashtag: #R0seToTheChallenge

*Scarlet reserves the right to make adjustments as needed to scheduling and general details as gaming & streaming is an ever-evolving thing.

*breaks are defined as basically a day or two off. one token can allow one day off excluding the natural break, and series completion breaks.